Julz AdeniranI have been treated by countless practitioners during my competitive running career; however John remains my first choice, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Alleviate is integral to my maintenance strategy, rehabilitation programme and preparation for competitions. The focus on patient experience, through a professional yet personable service, is second to none and enables me to consistently perform at the highest level. John clearly works hard to broaden his knowledge and ensure his techniques are at the forefront of therapeutic massage. Julz Adeniran, Great Britain 110m Hurdles, London


My new sports massage place in London! As someone who does a couple of marathons each year, I have been looking for a good sports massage place for a while now and I’m very happy to have found Alleviate! Fantastic, deep massage which sorted me out in all of my pain points and helped re-align my hips. Will absolutely go back – the best place I’ve found in London!Jerad, London


I booked a deep tissue massage with John of Alleviate 2 days ago and on that morning, I woke up with a very bad strain in my neck. This is in addition to the chronic shoulder & neck aches I suffer from regularly. I have to say it was a different experience from the usual. John appears to be more into manipulation, combined with traditional pressure strokes. I wasn’t sure at first if it would be effective and certainly didn’t feel much improvement immediately afterwards, but a day later, my neck ache had significantly reduced and my shoulders felt a lot looser & less achy than normal. What impressed me most was the fact that his treatment did not cause me the usual pain I was expecting from a deep-tissue massage, where knots needed kneading out, and my body aches for days afterwards. Apart from a few pressure points, it was practically painless. Yet it seemed to be effective – a day later and onwards.
On this basis, I would definitely recommend Alleviate. John’s technique seems to work well – effective without discomfort. The premises where he has his treatment room is pleasant, clean and easy to find, and best of all, he is a really friendly professional guy who offers excellent advice on exercise, posture and sleeping positions (to prevent muscular strains!). I was so impressed, I immediately booked another treatment – something I have not done before!L.B, London


I just don’t have sufficient words of praise for John and his massage clinic. I was immediately felt relaxed on arrival in this warm, comfortable and quiet environment. I had suffered with stiffness in my right shoulder since a fracture two years ago and despite physiotherapy was still unable to fasten my bra strap. Also, I have lower back pain. John concentrated on these areas and was constantly enquiring as to how I felt and increased pressure when required. He recommended an exercise for my shoulder and nearly a week later it felt much looser and this morning I was thrilled to be able to stretch my arm sufficiently to fasten my bra! The back pain has also been alleviated. I will certainly be returning regularly and can’t emphasise enough how happy I am with John’s skills. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Lilian, London


Having never had a massage of this kind before, I entered with some trepidation. However, John made me feel at ease immediately, explained everything clearly and made sure I was comfotable throughout the experience. The venue was spotlessly clean and the ambience was perfect. The massage was a good combination of challenge and relaxation. I have already signed up to return and would recommend this to everyoneJacqui, London


Great place- very relaxing atmosphere and John knows exactly what he’s doing. Me and my girlfriend have been there and we we’re both very satisfied and relaxed after we left. I just booked another appointment and it’s probably not going to be the last one. Thank you.Steve, London


I had John’s 60 minutes amazing custom made massage.
I’ve had treatments with many massage therapists but John’s treatment was original, different, affective, professional, and good after care. I’ve had a heavy neck and shoulder ache and he solved these problems. I probably need more time of his treatment, and I already booked for next.
I’m encourage small business and decent real therapist like him. Thank you John.Masako, London


I highly recommend visiting John and Alleviate Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

I have previously had two Swedish massages, however visiting Alleviate for a Sports massage was a much more gratifying experience. As an individual who is quite active, John had a wealth of knowledge to help with an injury to my foot that I had picked up from playing football. In fact he conducted a better analysis than my doctor!

Besides that, John is also friendly and confident in his approach. And at the end of the massage, he went beyond his duty and recommended and demonstrated a stretch that I could perform to aid with ridding tightness in my thigh and calf muscles.

Definitely worth the visit!Nadine, London


John was brilliant. My body instantly felt so much better. A lot more than your traditional massage, John clearly understands what your body needs and the treatment really helped. Highly recommend going to see himJennifer, London


What can i say. John is brilliant. i had a muscle strain in my shoulder and after one session i woke up without any pain. very knowledgeable, easy going and friendly. Will definitely return just for a general massage and recommend to friends and family.Rob, London


I came to London for a holiday but my back and hips were not happy after the overseas travel. I found John on Yelp. What a find! He’s got a lovely little office close to Russell Square. He is a fantastic massage therapist. I got so much relief! John followed up my treatment with a detailed treatment plan which he sent via e-mail. In spite of regular chiropractic care, yoga and exercise muscle tightness continue to contribute to back and hip pain. John outlined a 6 wk treatment schedule with specific techniques suggested to target my issues. Based on the results of my 2 sessions with him, I believe this is a worthy recommendation. Notably, he wrote this lengthy treatment plan knowing I would be sharing it with someone at home. When I return to London, I will definitely find my way back to Alleviate!Byrna, London


John is an extremely talented massage therapist! I went and had a massage yesterday afternoon as I’ve been rather stressed in the run up to my wedding, and I left floating on a cloud.

There are some amazing little things he does which make all the difference and enable you to really relax into the experience rather than getting distracted by annoying trivialities (which have rather spoiled some massages I’ve had elsewhere):
1. He has a heated massage table, so you are kept toasty-warm throughout the whole thing. He has clearly understood that a towel is not a blanket or a duvet, and is not enough to keep you warm when you’re not wearing much.
2. The room has tons of space around it so that he is able to move around the table without bumping you, or moving the table. The room itself also has a nice plastered ceiling and he turned off the ceiling lights (no old ceiling tiles or strip lights here!). His treatment room is also a proper room undisturbed by outside noise, not a windowless cupboard like you can get in some salons where you get to hear where the hairdressers are going on holiday while you’re trying to relax…
3. The tissue around the face-rest had eucalyptus on it to stop me getting congested – a really lovely touch.
4. He gave really clear directions about when and which way to turn over (when you’re zoned out it can be really difficult to follow instructions which aren’t extra-clear, so I really appreciated this)
5. When he does talk to you to confirm the amount of pressure etc, he asks simple yes/no questions – making it very easy to answer when you aren’t really up to a whole sentence…!
6. He has a lovely unhurried manner, moving from one area to another with no sudden movements.
7. He is very strong and was able to provide firm pressure without any obvious extra effort at all.

I’d definitely recommend John to anyone who wants to really get a good massage and know they’re getting one that is worth the money – I’ve been to a few places which charge more than double what he charges, and encountered several of the distracting items off this list which left me feeling a little hard done by. I actually left yesterday feeling a little guilty for not paying him as much as I’ve paid others in the past who didn’t provide half the level of service!Charlotte, London


I need to rave about John and Alleviate – so much that I’m writing this first YELP review. In fact, the only reason i even feel comfortable writing this and shouting to the world about John’s service is because I’ve just signed up for a year membership of going to visit him once a month for a massage. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not rolling in the dough, nor have I ever been one to go to any sort of monthly beauty/spa/massage therapy treatment. Of course when I’m off visiting various places and a spa is an option, I’ll jump on board – but this, this is different. As someone currently working a desk job, who has only recently left job that I worked two years constantly standing – I’ve had various aches and pains. I try and run a good 2 miles a few times a week and I’ve been going to bikram yoga consistently over the last few months or so – that being said, I’ve always had back pain. John was actually recommended to me by a yoga teacher at SoHot Yoga in Soho (Karen – amazing!) when I asked her what was causing my hips to never seem to be in line. On top of that I’m someone that constantly needs to move my body and back around just to get rid of various aches in shoulders/neck/back. Until John. Before my treatment (which was actually off of one of his various offered deals), we had a sit down to discuss my history and where I would like the massage to focus. I tend to be a bit shy in massages – hardly ever speaking up – and never getting the right amount of pressure applied to my back, especially. But this actually felt like a partnership in getting me the best possible outcome. We agreed that given all the annoyance it gives me, he would spend the whole hour just focused on my back, neck and shoulders. This was absolutely the best massage of my life – I could literally feel the tension escaping my body – and now, a week later, my back feels 1000x better than it has in years. For me, this isn’t a monthly relaxing spa date to put on my calendar but assured relief from day to day built up tensions and stress that we all put our bodies under doing various activities. Highly recommended!Katy, London


I have been having regular massages from John over the past year and he is one if the best masseuses I’ve had. Really intuitive about pain relief and the style of massage you require.

I work as a Bikram Yoga teacher and frequently suffer from aches and pains from long hours in a hot room demonstrating postures or practising them myself. After feeling rundown or mis-aligned I can always rely on John to step off his massage table feeling myself again!

John has a great approach to identifying the root cause and relieving pain. He varies his approach from the intense pain-relieving deep tissue massage to to a more relaxing theraputic massage depending on what I’m after that day.

I always feel comfortable and at ease with John and would definitely recommend his services. I’ve just moved house round the corner from his Bloomsbury studio which is such a blessing to have him nearby! I will continue to recommend his services to my yoga students so they too can feel great!Karen, London


Very good massage, nice heated massage table.Luke, London


Great local place to have a massage.Tim, London


Very good massage very detailed.John has a professional touch. He was able to alleviate the pain in my lower back. I’ll definitely go back for more.Thanks very much!!!Massimo, London


Thank you John, best treatment I’ve had for a long time – and that’s from a very demanding massage therapist and injured dancer. You did a great deep release on my hamstrings, it worked very well, and pretty much everything else you did. I will definitely see you again. I like to be listened to, cooperation is most important, and you responded brilliantly to my requests. You are my favourite! Thank youKarina, London


Excellent massage, took a real interest in problem areas and offered after care advise.Joanna, London


He listens, then acts but knows exactly what your body is really saying without your mind interfering. Very good, I already booked another session as it is rare to find therapists who can read the body and take time to advice with simple exercises. Thank you very muchTruus, London


John was very welcoming and professional. He listened to what I had to say about the cause of my injury and really focused on the points I wanted him to work. I would recommend visiting Alleviate to anyone wanting to relieve tension and stress.Jeremy, London


Alleviate Clinic is a small clinic but ticks all the boxes. John is not only very professional, but his treatments are geared to the individual client. If you are looking for luxury spa surroundings, look elsewhere. But if you want a real massage (therapeutic treatment), look no further.Thank you, John. My knee feels a lot better after you released the hamstring that was causing me a lot of pain.Richmond, London


Just what I needed, working at a desk 8 til late has done my back no favours. John made me feel very comfortable and gave great advise on what I should be doing during the week to help my problem areas. He detected which areas needed work on and was able to identify areas of tension really fast. The hour felt like it lasted for ages, in a good way! Left feeling relaxed and booked in for another appointment!Rosie, London


I have visited this place on sunday and John is simply excellent. He gave me enough tips to manage my neck pain. He has very good understanding of how the muscles are interconnected and gave a great massage and it did help me to alleviate my neck pain. I highly recommend him for any one who has got issues with neck or back.Gourav, London


I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.Olga, London


Thank you so much for a great, professional treatment. It has helped my lower back pain quite a lot – I could see a real improvement after about 36-48hours. I hope to pay you visit again soon.Mariella, London


John is really professional, he has an osteopathic kind of approach which makes him so much more effective than standard masseurs. I train daily after 10 hours at my desk and constantly have tight shoulders & lower back problems. He was very effective at working on the affected areas in a very relaxing ŵay too. He also showed me some exercises to deal with shoulder tension which were ad added bonus. I’d definitely recommend him!Alice, London


I’d definitely recommend you to friends and family, both for the massage and your useful advice.Thelma, London


Thank you very much John, I felt much better after the session.I also appreciated your advices about how to prevent back pain. Will be back 🙂Elisa, London


John helped me enormously with an ongoing muscular skeletal neck problem that I have suffered with for several years since a major operation. Not only was John quick to analyse the problem & devise a solution through massage, he also has the rare talent of exceptional interpersonal & communication skills & puts his clients at ease immediately. John comes highly recommended.William, Oxford


Thank you for the treatment yesterday – it was fantastic and the most relief I have felt to my back pain from any massage. As you noted, I could indeed feel the tension coming off me.Katy, London

I always look forward to John’s massages. His relaxed attitude instantly puts me at ease even before the treatment has begun! Plus his level of communication is perfect – enough to figure out what I want but no more, so I can completely relax. He ensures that I’m comfortable physically and responds positively to any comments I make during the massage about pressure or particularly stiff muscles that need more work. John is very professional, as well as punctual and performs an effective, relieving massage every time.Anna, London

John is probably the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. Having suffered with chronic lower-back pain I’m very protective about any manipulation of my back, but he inspires confidence in me and finds ways to work on the problem areas. It’s very easy to feel relaxed during a session with him, and his work on me has really helped.Jane, London

I wanted to thank you yet again for the wonderful massage I had last week. I am something of a massage bunny and must say that I found your technique and pressure just perfect. Being able to practice immediately after taking a Bikram Yoga class is a real treat for tired muscles. The time you took beforehand, to assess my physical condition, really made the massage perfectly tailored and maximized the benefit. I came away feeling like my muscles were singing!Lorraine, London

John has amazingly thoughtful and considerate hands and an excellent quality of touch. I love his respectful and calming energy and always leave feeling peaceful and renewed.Vanessa, London

A real five-star massage – skilful, empathetic and healing. Thanks John. It was a really good experience. I look forward to the next one.Andrew, London

John is great. He combines a really strong knowledge of anatomy with excellent ability to massage and soothe the affected area. This means he can find exactly the spot that is causing pain, and deal with it. A rare find!Rhys, London

John is an excellent massage therapist indeed! I felt at ease. He worked with an excellent touch, deep pressure performed with mastery and great benefit for my body. Everything I could expect from a serious and skilled professional therapist and even more. Highly recommended to everyone!Enrico, London