Amazing response to Alleviate’s LivingSocial deal!

Following a very successful LivingSocial promotion during which over 300 new clients were treated and a 100% positive feedback was received I though I’d share some of the independently gathered comments. It was brilliant meeting and treating so many new Clients with such a variety of needs. Fantastic massage, very clean and friendly, and very… more

Sitting Properly

Remember to try and sit properly in your office chair – the tension build-up in muscles is often major factor in the pain my clients come to me about. Musculoskeletal Monday by  Marc Schmitz (A&P):   While sitting is a common aggravating factor in low back pain (LBP), the best sitting posture remains unclear. This study… more

Why Things Hurt

A highly entertaining, informative & accessible video on why things hurt. Well worth 15 mins of your time! Lorimer Moseley (Professor of Neuroscience) explores these questions, and position the pain that we feel as our bodies’ way of protecting us from damaging tissues further. He also looks at what this might mean for those who… more


What is insomnia? Insomnia is a state when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed. It is a disorder which makes it impossible or difficult to either go to or stay asleep. Symptoms can appear in various ways: difficulty falling asleep, frequent among young children. regular waking up during the night, frequent among the elderly. waking… more